Pastor’s, Ministers And Worker’s Must Read This. Dr. Paul


In our church people rarely introduce me, I just carry my Bible and walk to the alter.
What’s the introduction for? I would not even allow them to carry my Bible. If they carry my Bible will they carry my mouth? Will they carry my message.

I remember going to church to preach sometime ago, and someone stood on the alter to speak. He wanted to introduce host pastor who would later introduce me. He said I want to tell you about someone, someone, that has changed my life……. As he begun to say more things, I thought he was talking about God. Frankly speaking the way he spoke about the man I thought it was God he was talking about.

But when he finished he said can we receive our Papa, our dad in the lord… I sank in the chair. God said in my heart people are talking about you like this and you accept it!!!

That Was what Herode did and God sent an angel to slap him. He was consumed by worms in the sport (acts 12:23) I sank in my chair.
Nevertheless the host pastor gotta the microphone and obviously it was normal. By the time he invited me to come and preach, frankly speaking the anointing had died. There was no move, no flow, absolutely nothing. They had killed the atmosphere before inviting me into that the mess. I went to the alter with weakness and trembling. Had to sing and worship for about 30minutes.Just try and beg God and ask for mercy. And thank God his mercy came and service was wonderful.

At the end I asked the host pastor in the hotel room. Did you accept those things they were saying about you?? Did you accept to be praised like that? He gotta angry and that was the last time to be there have never been there again. And I can tell you that the history of that place is not something to write home about.

When your over celebrate yourself, God will withdraw his help so that you may see your nakedness. When you think your wealth is your making, and your prosperity is your making, or anointing you carry is your making, God will withdraw a little so that you can see your naked without him.

The renowned evangelist Benn Hinny said one day he went before the lord to pray and he said to God please don’t take your anointing a way from me. It’s all I have. God said to him don’t tell me to take it a way, rather ask me to return it because I took it long time ago. He lay on his face for two weeks waiting on the lord a way from human presence. He remembered what became of Samson when anointing had left him. That’s what called pride, self exaltation and arrogance can do to a man.

God showed mercy on Benny Hinny and restored his presence in his life.

One day we were going somewhere for a program and our traffic officers were using double trafficator I begged them to those light trafficator off they refused. I felt absolutely uncomfortable. By the time we get there Holy Spirit spoke to me, OK perform the miracles, heal the sick, save the unbelievers, save them! Perform the miracles am waiting for you!!!

Today our protocol officers are a ware that they don’t make any ostentatious braggadoius entry into any event or accession.

The Bible says what Have you that you have not received. And if you have received it why do you behave as if that you gave it to yourself?? (1 cor 4:7) That’s What limiting people.

Get this. If it’s apostolic anointing you have there are many apostles that have gone before you. Kwei Armah wrote a book titled. Beautiful are not yet born. In case you think your beautiful you haven’t seen beautiful people yet. In case you say your anointed haven’t seen anointed ones, in case you say your called you haven’t seen calling yet so calm down.

Imagine a young boy of twenty two or twenty three of age who calls himself an apostle or a prophet. He’s running and elderly people are running after him . Imagine! Your father is calling you papa and your not afraid. A person who can give birth to you calls you papa and you agree! And you say yes how are you? That person has no future. He’s a short distance runner not marathon runner. Marathon runners don’t behave like that . This is one thing that destroys the destinies of very many pastors and children of God. They are too proud…. God needs to chisel something out of your life.

Say him today
Lord is there anything in my life that makes me unsable? Anything you need to chisel
God a head and chisel out!!!

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