7 great miracles of Jesus, so you can know He understands your struggles.

Enduring quality of God’s word: The Scripture says: “The mercy of God endures forever.” I have again and again in my show discussed the enduring quality of God’s word. That which makes the Scripture relevant, unique and enduring is the fact that many in the past and present have tasted the grace and great compassion of God, His healing power, and His ability to miraculously provide human needs as He promised. Jesus understands your struggles and He alone gives favor, mercy and grace to meet your needs. The Scripture says: “The mercy of God endures forever, and His grace is sufficient for us.”

1 The blind Bartimaeus: Mark 10:46-52

Bartimaeus was a blind beggar. Many atime, because we have our full sight and vision, we can’t fully comprehend or have a glimpse what it means to be blind. My own beautiful mother was blind: she lost her vision and I will never forget how she struggled. Bartimaeus heard Jesus was passing by. He yelled so hard: “Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me.” The crowd told him to be quiet and shut his mouth. He yelled the more, pleading with Jesus to help him. He knew only Jesus can help him. People can promise heaven and earth in times of need, only Jesus can save, or heal or meet our needs- Him alone. Jesus came to him and asked what he wanted. Bartimaeus answered: “Lord, that I might receive my sight.” Jesus said to him: “Thy faith hath made thee whole.” Instantly, his sight was restored.

Bartimaeus was desperate. How can you understand the desperation of a blind man or a woman? You will never until you are one or your vision threatened; but Jesus understood and helped him.

2 Zacchaeus the tax collector: Luke 19:5-10

In the times of Jesus, the tax collectors were hated in the Jewish community. They cheated the people and defrauded them of their income. To be one at that time meant you were despised and rejected by the society. Zacchaeus heard Jesus was passing by, and wanted to talk to him. With Zacchaeus, the burden of sin tore him apart and he had no peace. That is what sin does to humans. Sin makes you restless and fearful. The Scripture says: “There is no peace for the wicked. But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest; whose waters cast up mire and dirt.” He needed to talk to Jesus, the only one who can help him get rid of sin, the burden of sin and victory over it.

Because he was short in stature, he climbed the tree so he can be significantly noticed by Jesus. Jesus saw him and told him to come down and was going to his house. The people wondered and murmured how Jesus could visit a man with such a terrible record – a sinner like Zacchaeus. The Lord reminded those who were righteous and sought no repentance that He Jesus “came to seek and save that which was lost.” Zacchaeus confessed his sin and told Jesus those he cheated, he would repay four times, and will give his riches to the poor.

Jesus did not condemn him. You might be struggling like Zacchaeus for the sin you have committed: stealing or cheating or defrauding others, God is only seeking that you confess and forsake your sin. If you need to restore what you have stolen like Zacchaeus, then do that and free your conscience. Your peace will be restored. The burden of sin can destroy you.

3 Woman with the issue of blood: Luke: Mark 8:25-34

This woman the Scripture said bled for 12 years: no doctor was able to cure her. Do you think her situation was desperate or not? She heard of Jesus and came because people were healed and their needs met. But the crowd became an obstacle to her desire of meeting Jesus. For her, she was determined that whatever it was that hindered her, she must receive her healing. She determined “if I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.” She pushed and pushed and pushed until she came behind Jesus and touched His clothes. Instantly, she was healed from her issue of blood. Jesus realized power has gone out of Him. How can Jesus say that when the crowd was large and everyone was touching Him, the disciples asked? But Jesus said this was a special touch for power has gone out of Him. The woman came out trembling and stood before Jesus. Jesus said to her: “Daughter, they faith hath made thee whole, go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.” Was this woman desperate? Did Jesus understand her struggles for years to be healed?

4 Jairus, the ruler of the Synagogue: Mark 5:22-24& 35-43

Jesus was going to the house of the ruler of the synagogue Jairus, when He was intercepted by the incident of the woman with the issue of blood. Jairus daughter was sick and dying. He came to Jesus that he might heal his only daughter. By the time Jesus finished healing the woman with the issue of blood, someone came and told Jairus not to bother anymore because the daughter was dead.

Jesus said to Jairus: “Be not afraid, only believe.” Jesus went to Jairus home. The mourners said Jesus came to waste His time because the daughter was already dead. Jesus said to the dead girl: “Damsel, I say unto thee arise.” Immediately, the girl opened her eyes and her spirit came back to her. Jesus proved He was the resurrection and life, and still is today. He has power over life and death. Was the situation desperate? When your only son or daughter is dying? Did Jesus understand the struggle poised for this family?

5 The man at the pool:

The man at the pool of Bethesda was paralyzed and can’t walk. In this pool at a certain season, an angel of God visited the pool and moved it. Whoever got into the pool first was healed. They were all kinds of disabled people: blind, sick, cripple, etc., who came to the pool to be the first to jump and be healed. But this man had been there for 38 years yearning and wishing he had someone to help him get into the pool first so he can be healed.

Jesus visited the pool and asked him if he wanted to be healed. He told Jesus: ‘I have nobody when the water is moved to put me in the pool.’ The Scripture records Jesus knew the man had been there for 38 years. Jesus healed him. He told him “rise take up your bed and walk.” In your predicament, you may be completely paralyzed physically and otherwise, and like this man, you have nobody to help you. You are helpless and hopeless. Jesus understands and like this man says to you today: I will be the one for you: “ I will be the somebody for you.” Look up and believe that he will help you today if you will believe. “All things are possible to those who believe.” This man had nobody, but Jesus became everything for Him. He understands you have been in that problem for years, longing and looking for help. Today, he wants to help you if you will let Him. Only have faith and believe.

6 The Paralytic: Luke 5: 17-26

This man was paralyzed and could not walk. The family and friends wanted Jesus to heal him, but there was no way that could happen because they carried him on a mat. The crowd was a throng and how can they see Jesus? They were desperate and wanted Jesus to heal him. In their desperation, they devised a means of reaching Jesus. They took the man through a roof and broke through and lowed the man right in front were Jesus was. Jesus saw their faith and said: “Man, thy sins are forgiven thee. Despite the arguments of the Scribes and the Pharisees about his authority to forgive sins, Jesus healed the man: Jesus understands human desperation, and also reminds us in this passage, sin can cause diseases in our bodies.

7 The Leper: Luke 5:12-16

This man was leprous. In the times of Jesus, the leper was ostracized and completely isolated. You have to ring a bell to let people know you are coming. Have you ever lived in that kind of situation? Is that a desperate situation? Can you imagine living isolated and all by yourself because you are diseased or suffering or poor?

This leper came to Jesus, stood before him and said: “Lord if thou wilt. Thou canst make me clean” Can you imagine his faith, his boldness and desperation to be healed? I love this story of human triumph over the demonic forces that deprive us from God’s blessings in our lives, and been the best God designed for us. Jesus said: “I came that ye might have life and that life more abundantly.” Here he is been deprived of that abundant blessing and life: isolated, suffering and wondering… You may be like this leper in your situation-isolated, suffering and wondering. Jesus said to him: “I will, be thou clean.”

Jesus is saying to you today too, I will, be thou healed, no matter your problem: healing, financial struggles, job problem, or whatever, Jesus tells you today, it is over. Jesus told Jairus to have faith and believe when they told him the only daughter he had was dead. You must come in faith and believe, no matter how impossible your situation looks, Jesus can give you a miracle like these people. You must have faith in God’s word.

Jesus is still the same, yesterday, today and forever. A song writer said:

“He is the Lord He changeth not, He is the Lord He changeth not, Hallelujah

He is the lord He changeth not, He is the Lord He changeth not, Hallelujah”

Jesus remains the same and will never change like humans. His promises remain and stand forever. He still heals, forgives, provides our needs. You must believe this in faith. All these people came in faith and Jesus commended their faith and rewarded them. Before they came, they believed that Jesus had the power and authority to heal them, while the Pharisees, Scribes and the educated of the day left and received nothing in their intellectual arguments and arrogance.

What is your need today?

I don’t know what your needs are today. You may not have a job, you may be sick and dying without insurance; you may have no money to pay your bills or send your children to school; you may be struggling with sin that has the potential to destroy your life or career: whatever it is, you will find freedom today as I pray for you in the name of Jesus and by His grace. Jesus says to you: “Be free and be healed from your struggles as I pray.

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